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What is ExploreKraft?

ExploreKraft is a

Java & Bedrock Minecraft server with a fun experience for players wanting a new and memorable Minecraft experience.


Join at ExploreKraft.ML on Desktop or pe.ExploreKraft.ML on Bedrock to login to our hub and to select our newest game:

Frontier Apocalypses

Frontier Apocalypse is a


Geopolitical PvP and PvE post-apocalyptic themed Minecraft server on a 1:100 scale map of the western United States as well as portions of Mexico and Canada.


You can build cities, loot, or craft weapons and vehicles to fuel the rising nations of the wasteland.


Influenced by the great post-apocalyptic games of our times, we bring this exciting experience to our favorite building, crafting, survival game.


Your adventure is just a button's click away. What are you waiting for? There are memories waiting to be made.

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