We are currently aiming for before 2021. Things have definitely not gone our way throughout the entire process, but we want to make sure our game is at the highest quality.
ExploreKraft supports Minecraft Java 1.13.2-1.17 & Minecraft Bedrock. Snapshots of newer versions are incompatible. Java IP: ExploreKraft.ML Bedrock IP: pe.ExploreKraft.ML
View them here: https://explorekraft.ml/rules For our Political channel: https://explorekraft.ml/political-debate
Simply join the server via Java Edition or Bedrock using a Premium account (You must have bought Minecraft) and use the compass item in your inventory by right-clicking with it in your hand to select a game from the available list OR you can simply walk up to an NPC and right-click them! Remember, each game has a queue, and it may take time for you to be sent to the game, so make sure to pay attention to chat.
Tickets are to be used when requiring assistance on either the Minecraft Server, Discord, Website, or Payment Transactions. What is not a Ticket? Opening a report for joking purposes or to say 'hi' to the Staff is not allowed. Additionally, reports which include disagreements in the #politics channel will be dismissed unless there is behavior in which people are harassing others. How long does a Ticket response take? Staff will respond when they are available, and Tickets will usually be closed after 12 hours of no response, or if the problem is solved. How to open a Ticket? - Follow the instructions in the message below. On our Discord, https://ExploreKraft.ML/discord , go-to #tickets and simply react with the Ticket message. Your account must be verified on the server to do so.
ExploreKraft's Earth Towny's map is from Matti Borcher's Minecraft Earth Map Project. A scale of 1:1000. Minecraft Grand Strategy's map + Frontier Apocalypse was created using Matti Borcher's Minecraft Earth Tiles program. It is using a custom scale, and heavily edited and coded program settings. Visit Matti here: https://motfe.net http://www.mattiasbrennecke.de/landing/
Experience the history of the earth as each age comes and goes, bringing new technology, new features, an expanding world border, and meta systems that guide geostrategy. The choices you make have immediately evident effects on the world order. Will the Earth survive the coming crisis? Which states, ideologies, and leaders will govern its politics? We present you the human journey in Minecraft – starting from 5,500B.C.
MCGS will be worked on after Frontier Apocalypse. Expect a year or two.