Political Chat Guidelines

These guidelines are set in place to protect you and others while chatting in our #politics channel. 

Please note that verified members who are considered "above 18" on Discord will have access to this channel only after applying for the role in #welcome.

Freedom of speech is a gift and a privilege to hold on to. More and more every day we see people censored or 'canceled' based on their opinion. In this channel, we want to break past that barrier and give people a chance to express themselves in an environment without argument or fighting. With that, we advise you when using this channel, and we do not endorse any content that is found within. When using this channel, please follow these guidelines:

  • Use common sense.
    • Think before you post. Things can and may get heated.
  • Stay civil.
    • If you disagree with someone, the first thing to do is to communicate what the disagreement is.
    • There may not be a resolution. It is best to leave it be or to find a middle ground, rather than get upset.
    • Yelling, insulting, and harassing people based on their different beliefs will not solve anything. Intellectual thought can only happen through proper discussion.
  • Do not directly target certain individuals.
    • Making fun of people based on things they cannot control is just pure harassment. If someone is of a certain group, do not harass them for that, instead, you could ask why they are, how they are, or what it is like being part of it.
  • Do not advocate for genocide. 
  • Do not push your agenda.
    • You are allowed to have your beliefs and opinions, as well as others. Do not force people to believe something. Explaining something is not "pushing an agenda".
  • No highly graphic obscene pictures
    • Things such as gore, sexual content, or violent images are strictly prohibited. You may mention content that may have that in it, but you are not allowed to directly show it. 

If you believe these guidelines are unfair, please create a support ticket on our Discord so we can properly cater to you and others. Foolish requests and jokes will be ignored and your account will receive punishment.

ExploreKraft Rules: https://explorekraft.ml/rules

Discord TOS & Community Guidelines still apply to this channel. We will try as best as we can to allow any free discussion and our scale is more 'relaxed' on what we will consider violating.
Discord TOS: https://discord.com/terms

Community Guidelines: https://discord.com/guidelines