Discord & Minecraft Rules

Discord Rules:

• Be Respectful / No Harassment

- Toxicity, bullying/harassment, threatening physical harm, and cyber-related attacks such as DDoS/DOS or doxxing attacks are not allowed. Staff will decide to get the final call on what is considered in this category.

• Please do not ping any Staff unless given explicit permission

- Staff are usually busy, so when communicating with Staff for complex questions, please open a support ticket in #tickets.

• Limited Advertising

- You may use the #advertising channel only for nation & town Discords. DM Advertising is strictly prohibited.

• Listen to the Staff

- If a Staff member has requested to watch your behavior and to stop, please do so.

• No NSFW/ Extreme Vulgar chatting

- Please do not post any content that is considered pornographic or adult-related content. Use #memes to post memes.

• No Spamming/ Keep content in their appropriate channels

- Try to use channels for their intended purposes. This keeps holding discussions easier. Each channel has a description.

• Follow Discord's TOS

- Discord's TOS, which you can read here: https://discordapp.com/terms

• Do not bring up sensitive topics with malicious intent

- If you want to talk about something subjectable, be respectful of others while during so.

• Do not impersonate anyone

- Do not pretend to be someone you are not. Alts are also not allowed.

Last Updated: September 3rd, 2021

Minecraft Rules:

• Cheating is not allowed. Please refrain from using hacked clients or x-ray. You will receive punishments if so.

• Do not harass other players.

• Do not purposely find exploits in the game. The game is to be played properly.

• No alt accounts.

• Do not doxx players.

• Do not go out of your way to ruin other player's experiences. This includes attempting to lag the server.

• Respect the Staff Team. They are a resource here to help you.

• TPA traps are strictly prohibited

Last Updated: August 13th, 2021

Visit: https://explorekraft.ml/political-debate for the #politics chat guidelines