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Discord Rules:
Welcome to the ExploreKraft Discord. To make sure our server is a safe and friendly environment, please follow the rules set in place:

• Be Respectful / No Bullying / No drama - Toxicity, bullying, drama and things such as swearing are not allowed. Staff get final call on what is considered.
• Please do not ping any Staff - When communicating with Staff, please open a support ticket using our bot. Abusing this system is not allowed.
• No Advertsing/ DM - There are channels for other discussions, but no advertising.
• Listen to the Staff - Any member that has a role such as Helper, Mod, Dev, or Owner are in control and when they tell you not to do something, please stop.
• No NSFW/ Vulgar chatting - Please keep any that are pornographic related or any adult content away from our server. We are a clean server environment
• No Spamming/ Keep content in appropiate channels - This means keep messages in the right channels.
• Follow Discord TOS - Discord's TOS, which you can read here:
• Do not bring up sensitive topics - This includes topics that may cause tension or make people uncomfortable.
• Do not impersonate someone - Do not be someone you aren't specifically acting as staff members.

Happy Chatting!  10/06/20
EarthTowny Rules:
        While playing on Earth Towny, Please follow the rules:
Cheating is not allowed. Please refrain from using hacked clients or X-Ray. You will receive punishments if so.

Be respectful to everyone / no cursing / no toxicity. We like our server environment clean.

Do not purposely find exploits in the game. The game is to be played properly.

No Grieifing other player's builds/ the landscape (No lava-casting). Although, once a town has been disbanded, you are allowed to loot it.

Do not release personal and private information about anyone.

No Advertsing.

 Making the game less fun for other players is not allowed. Do not ruin their experiences.

Respect the Staff Team. They are here to help you.

Do not TPA trap other users or lead them to TPA kill them.

• Do not over place entities.
                                        Have Fun!